Geometry Dash


Geometry Dash is a rhythm based platformer developed by RobTop. The player navigates a character through a level that scrolls automatically, set to a backing track. Although the 21 official main levels are a fairly difficult challenge for the average player, Geometry Dash is primarily known for it's custom level editor, which allows a player to create their own level to a song of their choice.

Level Structure

Levels are primarily composed of two types of objects: tangible and intangible (tangibility refers to the in-game character's ability to interact with the object). In the Geometry Dash community, the general consensus is to call the tangible parts of a level as "gameplay" and the intangible parts of a level as "decoration".

While some level creators prefer to construct both the gameplay and decoration of their levels, the majority of creators opt to specialize in one of the two. Geometry Dash level creation is a very collaborative process, and you will very often see two or more creators work together on levels. Here's an example by two good friends of mine.

What do I make?

I file myself under the gameplay creator category, and (forgive me for the self-indulgence) am generally considered one of the best out there. Gameplay is inherently a work of audiovisual art, seeking to reflect the song used in the level with appropriate movements by the character.

Every block placed in my layouts serves a purpose, every gamemode change placed to create a better representation of a given portion of a song. While most gameplay creators are capable of basic sync, a good majority of them don't take it any further than that. Sometimes a motif/rhythm in a song repeats itself—the gameplay should repeat itself to match that. Sometimes the song is energetic, and sometimes calm—the movement and speed of the character should reflect those feelings.

Solo Works

I've listed some of my personal best works below: (my YouTube channel is here)


As mentioned before, creators often work together on big projects. I've worked with many creators in the past and have had a wonderful time meeting new people with unique ideas of their own. A couple of my favorite collaborations I'm featured in can be found below:

My part at 0:50-1:01

My part at 1:34-1:43

My part at 1:16-1:35

My parts at 0:33-0:48, 1:01-1:10, 1:18-1:25


While I wouldn't call myself a dedicated decorator, I do have a few works I would consider attempts at decoration. The styles I went for in each one are pretty different; I don't think I have enough decoration experience to settle on my own singular style yet, but here they are nonetheless:

"Modern style"

"Glow/tech style"